Just after Noordex was founded in 1960, it specialized in RORO (roll on – roll off) cargo, projectcargo and other conventional cargo. Over the years Noordex shipped thousends of bulldozers, vorklifttrucks, asphaltingmachines, tanktruck, terminaltrucks and many other types of heavy, rolling material globally. This specialized service requires, next to focus, a high level of expertise in order to control cost as well as ship and deliver with the highest quality standard. Disassembly of certain parts or just better lashing can be necessary to transport equipment correct and safely and even save cost.

In case special transport licenses are required due to weight and/or size, Noordex will handle this in order to avoid delays and to be fully compliant with rules and regulations. In short, not one shipment is done base don routine at Noordex, but every time again it is checked and validated if all conditions are met and if shipping meets the high Noordex standards.

The way Noordex handles RORO cargo, is the exact same way it handles conventional cargo. Everyone within the Noordex team is capable of providing these type of services and ensure a flawless service as well. Since 1960 Noordex has an excellent reputation in the Pprt of Rotterdam and far beyond.

Shipping cars, motorcycles, quads, boats Noordex is very experienced in shipping cars, new cars as well as oldtimers, trucks, campers, motorcycles, quads and boats to and form all continents. Noordex offers a solution that is tailored to your vehicle and ensures a careless delivery of your vehicle at destination, without damage and at the lowest cost possible.

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