Air freight requires speedy handling. This applies to incoming freight as well as outgoing freight. Noordex handles quickly and accurately on both. Next to that we also offer numerous options, not to just get your shipment in the country of destination, but also delivered at the consignee, customs cleared and all.

Cargo quickly to own customs warehouse We make use of a warehouse at Schiphol-airport. Our good planning as well as arrangements with freight-terminals, but also due to our warehouse within the free-zone, we can move inbound shipments very quickly to our own warehouse.

Import airfreight

We do check everything !! In our bonded warehouse we inspect inbound shipment very thoroughly. We check:

  • Quantity
  • Condition of the goods as well of the packaging
  • the presence of documents on the shipment

Because all this is done at our warehouse, the chances of pilferage or loss of your good is next to nothing.


We make airfreight shipments customs-proof for each destination. Each country has its own import requirements. Those can be very strict and complicated. In order to send airfreight to any country without problems, our export staff is well educated and trained on specific customs rules and regulations in the country of destination. Noordex is AEO-certified. Export shipment are meticulously prepared for the carrier used as well as for the customs authorities in the country of destination. We go the extra mile to make sure your shipment are handled without any problem, from the moment of collection till final delivery.